The Artists

OOAK is a collaboration of wearable art incorporating the talents of a mother – daughter artisan team based in Kingston, Ontario. Susan is a multi-faceted fibre artist and felter, daughter Pamela has created a name for herself in Canada’s western provinces as a one of a kind jewellery designer specializing in eccentric bold colour palettes. Together their work exudes vibrant eye candy for the individual seeking a completely original look that cannot be repeated.

Susan Farber

The work of Susan Farber is recognizable by its vibrant use of colour, texture and unique layering. Originally from Montreal, Susan has found her home north of Kingston in a rural community where she has a home studio filled with inspiring artifacts ranging from african masks to little gremlin dolls to antique sewing machines. Surrounded by luscious vegetation, her inspiration in fibre arts comes from a vast supply of experiences, as well as exotic worlds she has never seen but only read about in books and magazines.

Pamela Farber

Like mother, like daughter: Pamela spent her childhood drawing on every piece of paper she could get her hands on. Little did she know she would one day graduate from the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD University) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her passion for jewellery creation began early on, buying materials and exploring them, always developing new techniques without instruction. Over the years her jewellery would change reflecting where life’s adventures had taken her as she moved across the country in search of inspiration and purpose. It was only after settling in Kingston that she was able to blend her passion for thrifting and her long term love of jewellery into a new line, unlike any she had created before, by repurposing vintage brooches and broken necklaces into new one of a kind wearable art.